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About me

Studio Sophia Trotoush    Argaman design services, sewing, stage customs for productions, business consultancy on fashion projects, teaching & instructing sewing, events, image and fashion photography.

About me; nice to meet you, my name is Sophia, designer, photographer, artist, opinionated, model, comedian,

lecturer and teacher.

Started in High school photography major than a military photographer, a graduate of Camera Obscure college of arts, worked as news, magazine, fashion, image and art photographer, exhibited a number of times.

I have been a seamstress and a designer since I was 6 years of age, I have completed modeling and sewing studies at The Miriam Fashion College and my design studies at Ort College.

In 1999, I opened my first fashion studio on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv, under the brand names of SOPH SHOP for clothes and ES.TEE for bags.

Over the years we have designed, manufactured and sold thousands of products to private clients and commercial entities

We work with innovative rehabilitation employment workshops in an assembly of sewing consulting and designing services.

I am working as a costumes designer and wardrobe manager in different T.V and stage productions, one to mention Eurovision song contest TLV 2019.

In the last decade I came to realize that I'm very fond of passing my knowledge in teaching sewing & design and consulting young entrepreneurs with great love.

Hosted in different debates, political and humoristic panels, on T.V and cultural events.

I am a certified aerobics instructor, and I'm currently a student of political and humanities sciences at the Open University.

I'm working on a book of short stories and a children's book.

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